Advertising Opportunities

The Ballarat Health & Wellness Directory offers several advertising spaces to promote your products and services to the Ballarat public.

Advertising with us:

  1. We will make every effort to provide advertising space on a first-come, first-served basis. As long as your account remains active with us, your advertisement will be displayed.
  2. As this directory grows in visitor traffic and market reach, we reserve the right to change our advertising layout and fees for new advertisements.
  3. Given that we’re promoting a clean, easy-to-navigate site, we welcome the opportunity to help you create your ad and get your artwork ready for publication. Feel free to ask us for copywriting and design ideas for your ad.
  4. Your live advertisement will provide one link to your website or chosen landing page URL.
  5. Because our directory users are here, first and foremost, to find a health practitioner to help them be healthy and well, we will only accept advertisers that value and promote preventative health and optimal wellness initiatives.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse your advertising request if it fails to support the community goals of the Ballarat Health & Wellness Directory.

Advertising spaces on the directory:

Please have a look at this page. You will see 3 different ‘mock ads’ showing. One column advert of 250px by 500px, and two footer adverts of 300px by 150px. These are the current sizes and positions available.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose a minimum of 3 specific directory pages to display your advertisement on, if the space is available.

Costings will be based on the size, space and number of pages (minimum 3 pages) based on a rate card matrix. Advertising positions on the popular Home Page will attract an additional fee for advertisers taking up the minimum 3-page package. That said, we’re just getting started, so our advertising rates are extremely affordable. For now, we’d simply like to cover our directory maintenance costs while contributing in a positive way to Ballarat’s health and wellness initiatives.

Please contact us for an advertising quote and, if required, artwork support. We look forward to helping you promote your business on the directory.