Health & Life Coaching

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Sue Anderson

Clinic : Good2gr8
Location : Buninyong 3357
Phone : 0417 052 739
Website :

I provide coaching, mentoring, training and presenting on all things bullying. I work one-on-one, in schools and in businesses. I work with both targets of bullying and bullies. I offer ‘First Aid for Bullying’ for parents of bullied children. My book ‘Unbullyable’ is available via my website.

Modalities : Coach
Focus Areas : Bullying

Louise BibbyLouise_Bibby_wellness_coach_ballarat

Clinic : The Wellness Quest
Location : East Ballarat
Phone : 0431 379 899
Website :

I am a coach who specialises in supporting people with chronic illness and pain to live the best lives they can possibly live. I also work with healthy people who are working their way through stressful times, such as divorce, grief, and caring for loved ones who are ill or aging. I have qualifications in psychology and counselling.

Modalities : Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Illness Management
Focus Areas : Illness Management, Health & Wellbeing, Wellness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Illness, Carers, Counselling, Divorce, Grief, Stress Management

Janette Dalgliesh Janette_Dalgliesh_Ballarat_Life_Coach

Clinic : Identity Shift Ninja
Location : Ballarat
Phone : 0404 595 601
Website :

It’s the deeply grounded sense of belonging, of rightness, of freedom and passion and faith which comes when you live an authentic life, when you express your true Self. It makes you shine so bright, the Universe can truly see you. It fuels your contribution to the world, your passions, your relationships, your inspiration and your physical wellbeing. It comes from knowing who you are, connecting with your inner guidance, and being the sovereign authority in your own life.
My mission is to help you get there.

Modalities : Life Coaching, Astrology, Neuroscience
Focus Areas : Law of Attraction Coaching, Neuroplasticity Coaching, Astrology, Numerology, Core Values

David Gladwell

Clinic : David Gladwell
Location : Ballarat & surrounds – Mobile Service
Phone :  0407 526 566
Website : (coming soon – please email David)

As a wellness coach, I offer you a chance to be heard and acknowledged in a compassionate and friendly manner, with a positive approach to helping you succeed in your desired area. Finding the root cause of an issue is most important. This can unlock the reasons why you may have had a ‘stuck mindset’ for so long… We work together to master goal-setting and find new ways to self congratulate and celebrate your success.

Wellness is a mind-body connection; training your mind and encouraging your body to work positively together. I also offer mindfulness, meditation, personal training or a combination of these to assist you in taking back control of who you want to become. My services are available to all.

Modalities : Wellness Coach, Mindfulness, Meditation
Focus Areas : Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Meditation and Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, NLP

Emmanuel Kerr

Clinic : EK Coaching
Location : 423 Richards Street, Ballarat East
Phone : 0402 534 464
Website :

I run a mindset and life coaching business. I work with businesses and individuals who are hungry for change. Often times, fear and procrastination can sabotage us from reaching our full potential and living a life of prosperity and happiness. Life is short and by putting our bliss on the backburner until retirement it sends a message to the universe that we do not demand better for ourselves.

I work with people who dare to recognise that they have a right to live a happy, prosperous and fulfilling life, by bringing more of their true authentic self to the surface than they ever thought possible.

Modalities : Life Coaching, Mindset, Goal Setting
Focus Areas : Prosperity and abundance, paradigm shifting, changing old behaviour patterns, overcoming fear and procrastination, achieving success and new results, weight release, debt elimination, financial freedom, attracting positive relationships, job promotion, improved health, business coaching

Amy Porter

Clinic : Amy Porter – Life Coaching
Location : Ballarat
Phone : 0420 443 207
Website :

As a coach I work collaboratively with clients to explore limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding them back in different areas of their lives such as health and wellbeing, fitness, relationships, confidence and self-worth. I assist my clients to develop strategies for moving forward and I support, champion and challenge my clients to achieve their potential, reach their goals and reconnect with their purpose and values. Coaching is a conversation-based relationship and sessions are available in person and via phone or Skype. I offer individual sessions and group workshops.

Modalities : Life Coach
Focus Areas : Wellbeing, Relationships, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Mindset Strategy, Health & Fitness, Life Balance, Conquering Fears, Confidence, Self-Worth