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Sarah Floate

Clinic : Lifestyledynamics
Location : Hunt St, Ballarat East 3350
Phone : 0438 909 627
Website :

Kinesiology brings back 100% health on all levels – physically, mentally, chemically and emotionally. It works directly with the body to find where the stress lies in the body. With the aid of modern chiropractic and Traditional Chinese medicine techniques, the body is corrected and put back into harmony to enhance your well being.

Sarah has had hundreds of success stories and has worked with clients in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, New Zealand, Broome and Brisbane. Work with Sarah today to bring your life back to its optimum.

Modalities : Kinesiology
Focus Areas :
Headaches, Migraines, Allergies, Fertility, Pain, Relationship Issues, Sleep Disorders, Skin Disorders, Hormonal Imbalance, Nutritional Imbalance, Fatigue, Fears & Phobias

Catherine Frith

Clinic : Catherine Frith
Location : 7/34 Smith St, Daylesford 3460
Phone : 0409 905 612
Website :

A dedicated pain relief specialist with over 30 years’ experience. My purpose for working in this field is to help people live life to the fullest. For many years, I’ve studied different techniques which I’ve now culminated into a comprehensive, unique, specialised service with a 98% success rate. I have developed a precise ability for finding the cause of the pain rather than just treating the symptoms.

I enjoy working with children who have growing pain and feet issues, right through to business executives. Health fund rebates. Call Catherine now. Book in for a 15-minute consultation to check it out.

Modalities : Kinesiology, Remedial Massage
Focus Areas : 
Mental Health, Pain Relief, Kinesiology, Remedial Massage, Trigger Points, Activating Muscle Memory, Nanotechnology, Children’s Health, Pain Management

Cherie HansellCherie_Hansell_kinesiologist_ballarat

Clinic : Sacred Elements
Location : Armstrong Street, Soldiers Hill 3350
Phone : 0422 212 453
Website :

The classical four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are sacred because they are the substance of life. These four elements are infused with a fifth essence at the centre of all, Spirit, the mystery within and all around us. Honouring this, Sacred Elements was created for anyone seeking magic and healing.

Sacred Elements is a complete holistic healing centre, open in Ballarat to empower and enable soulful healing in any who may be seeking. Focusing on women, I provide healing for the spiritual and emotional being as well as the physical, and unlocking the mysteries within.

Sacred Elements also specialises in natural animal healing – as they are our guides and companions – I provide a sacred place for their healing also.

Modalities : Kinesiology, Animal Healing, Reiki & Crystal Therapy
Focus Areas : 
Women’s Health, Pregnancy, Fertility, Children’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Red Tent Women’s Workshops

Kylie Nicholls

Clinic : Healthy Kinect Kinesiology
Location : 100 Bridge Mall, Ballarat 3350
Phone : 0409 780 611
Website :

Tapping into the body’s natural wisdom and healing ability is possible through kinesiology techniques and is the basis for all sessions at Healthy Kinect Kinesiology.

At Healthy Kinect, Kylie can work with you to tap into your body’s natural healing potential and tailor sessions using a wide range of kinesiology techniques, including: muscle balancing, postural analysis, acupressure, aromatherapy, reflex points, lymphatic massage, specific body movements, nutritional testing and balancing, energy work, and emotional stress release. 

Feel empowered and motivated to UNLOCK your own UNIQUE Mind-Body-Balance Code and start YOUR journey today back to your TRUE, BALANCED and BEST version of YOU…

Modalities : Kinesiology
Focus Areas : 
Stress and Anxiety, Pain and Inflammation, Nutritional Health, Digestive Issues, Fatigue and Energy Balance, Emotional Stress, Relaxation, Women’s Health, Sports Performance

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