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Whitney Atkinson

Clinic : ADVANCED Nutrition, consulting for Spectrum Active Health
Location : 18 Ripon Street South, Ballarat Central 3350
Phone : (03) 5303 0288
Website :

ADVANCED Nutrition aims to be the leading provider of personalised evidence-based nutrition advice. We help people understand the relationship between diet and disease for chronic disease management, and also provide weight loss and sports nutrition support.

Modalities : Dietitian, Nutritionist, Diet
Focus Areas : Renal Disease, Sports Nutrition, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Weight Management, Aged Care

Tania Bentin

Clinic : Quintessential Nutrition
Location : 706 Sturt Street, Ballarat 3350
Phone : 041 442 5437
Website :

Tania is a nutritionist and mother of three. She’s passionate about getting to the root cause of your health concerns and is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest research and developments in this dynamic field.

Tania has had great success with children suffering from eczema, night terrors, bed wetting, food intolerances and sensitivities, behavioural issues and digestive problems.

As a Certified GAPS Practitioner, Tania helps address health and behavioural issues in children, and is passionate about helping exhausted mums. She can help you adjust your diet to address headaches, low energy, digestive issues, poor immune function and brain fog.

Modalities : Holistic Nutrition
Focus Areas : Gut Health, Inflammation, Autoimmune, GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), Food Sensitivities, Allergies, Pre and Post Pregnancy, Mood, Immune Function, Hormones

Margie Hyde

Clinic : Creative Health Practitioner
Location : Beaufort VIC 3373
Phone : 0414 724 839
Website :

With the 500 items hair test I can quickly find and replace the foods or household items causing your symptoms of eczema, IBS, fatigue, poor sleep etc.

I am Ballarat’s only licensed Ultra Lite™ practitioner for ketogenic weight loss programs with packages to suit every individual.

Modalities : Nutritionist
Focus Areas : Skin Conditions, Adrenal Fatigue, Chemical Sensitivity, Food Allergies, Immune Health, Meal Planning, Ketogenic Diet, Weight Loss, Ultra Lite™ Weight Management Program, Nutrigenomic DNA Testing and 500 Food Hair Testing.

Simone James

Clinic : Flourish Nutrition & Health
Location : By appointment
Phone : 0448 185 080
Website :

A Ballarat nutritionist specialising in gut health, digestive issues, weight loss and all things nutrition, Simone offers one-to-one support. Discover how anxiety, fatigue and hormonal issues play a huge role in preventing you from achieving your health and weight loss goals. Simone’s knowledge, support, guidance, recipes and friendly professional approach will enable you to become the better you. We work together to determine what works for your body, your mind and wellbeing, in order for you to be your best and Flourish!

Modalities : Clinical Nutritionist, Women’s Health & Weight Management
Focus Areas : Nutrition, Gut Health, Hormones, Non-diet Lifestyle Approach, Meal Plans, Support & Guidance, Women’s Health & Wellbeing, Digestive Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Negative body image, Binge & Yo-Yo Dieting, Chef-designed Recipes

Hayley Lennon

Clinic : The Health Academy
Location : 423 Ascot St Sth, Ballarat 3350
Phone : +61 41 903 0279
Website :

The Health Academy provides high-quality short courses and workshops focused around nutrition, health and cooking. The founder, Hayley Lennon – nutritionist, aims to educate, enrich and empower. We use traditional wisdom crafted to suit our modern day pressures to create a dynamic and innovative learning experience for our students. The Health Academy is based in Ballarat, Victoria’s regional education hub. Our courses and workshops are always changing, you can browse what we have to offer here and sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

Modalities : Nutritionist, Workshops & Courses
Focus Areas : Health, Education, Gut Health, Weight Management, Cooking Skills, Family Health, Hormone Health, Meal Planning, Time Management, Food Inspiration!

Lee Morton

Clinic : Soul Nourishing Nutrition
Location : By Appointment
Phone : 0473 888 878
Website : Soul Nourishing Nutrition

As a nutritionist, I offer easy-to-understand nutritional guidance and dietary advice coupled with the latest scientific insights with respect to health and nutrition.

Modalities : Nutrition, Wellbeing, Health
Focus Areas : Nutritional Consultations, Seminars, Educational Workshops, Health Marketing

Melissa O’Loughlan

Clinic : Body Confident Nutrition
Location : 706 Sturt Street, Ballarat VIC 3350
Phone : 0466 333 016
Website :

Body Confident Nutrition is a non-diet approach dietetics practice in Ballarat which helps women to heal their relationship to food and feel good in their bodies exactly as they are. In person and online appointments available.

Modalities : Dietitian, Health at Every Size (HAES), Non-Diet Approach
Focus Areas : Yo-yo Dieting, Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Disordered Eating, Body Image Concerns

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