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Sarah Duncanson

Clinic : PAEDS
Location : Ballarat Family Health Care, 1020 Howitt St, Wendouree 3355
Phone : 0437 251 091
Website :

We provide Infant and Child First Aid courses to empower parents when dealing with an accident or emergency. Our courses cover CPR, choking, rashes, burns, poisons and stings, fevers, and more. All courses conducted by Paediatric Critical Care Nurses with a wealth of experience in education and clinical care, as well as resuscitation training.

Modalities : Infant and Child First Aid
Focus Areas : Paediatrics, Nursing, First Aid, Parent Education

Hayley Lennon

Clinic : The Health Academy
Location : Ascot St Sth, Ballarat 3350
Phone : +6141 903 0279
Website :

The Health Academy provides high-quality short courses and workshops focused around nutrition, health and cooking. The founder, Hayley Lennon – nutritionist, aims to educate, enrich and empower. We use traditional wisdom crafted to suit our modern day pressures to create a dynamic and innovative learning experience for our students. The Health Academy is based in Ballarat, Victoria’s regional education hub. Our courses and workshops are always changing, you can browse what we have to offer here and sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

Modalities :  Nutritionist, Workshops & Courses
Focus Areas : Health, Education, Gut Health, Weight Management, Cooking Skills, Family Health, Hormone Health, Meal Planning, Time Management, Food Inspiration!

Peter McMahonPeter_McMahon

Clinic : First Aid Training Group
Location : 826 Latrobe Street, Ballarat 3350
Phone : 1300 705 002
Website :

First Aid Training Group aims to provide an exceptionally high standard of hands-on, interactive, meaningful and most importantly confidence-boosting training to all our participants. Training is facilitated exclusively by industry professionals, all with years of real-life experience such as paramedics, fire fighters, emergency first responders and nurses.

We conduct regular courses in all levels of first aid for all groups and often customise training to suit our client’s needs. We employ a very different approach to training through highly interactive blended styles. Our courses captivate and empower participants through confidence-building coaching from start to finish. First Aid Training Group – “Skills for Life”

Modalities :  First Aid Training, Fire Safety Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing
Focus Areas : CPR, Level 1 First Aid, Level 2 First Aid, Level 3 First Aid, Child Care First Aid, Workplace First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training, Defibrillator Training, Fire Warden Training, Fire Extinguisher Training