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Jennifer CAMERONmonica_finch_art_therapist_ballarat

Clinic : Bringelli Natural Therapies
Location : 902 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat North 3350
Phone : 0419 391 488
Website : www.bringelli.com.au

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 40 years. My three children, now in their 30s, were plagued with brittle asthma, allergies and behavioural patterns related to food and environmental issues. This led me to look outside the Western model of health, as we found no answers using traditional models to resolve their ongoing issues. Massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, energy healing, reflexology, art and sound healing followed… All these modalities led me to start my own business, now running for 19 years.

A recent purchase of my property in Lydiard Street has led to me teaching therapeutic modalities including Introduction To Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and soon to be introducing 8-week Mindful Meditation and 6-week Guided Imagery courses. I have a great passion for enhancing and empowering people to make positive changes to their life, health and wellbeing.

Modalities : Remedial, Lymphatic and Oncology Massage, Energetic Healing, Ayurvedic Detox Scrubs and Shirodhara
Focus Areas : Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, Lymphatic Work, Adrenal Fatigue, Oncology Massage, Detox Treatments, Energetic Healing, Art Healing and Sound Healing

Caroline CARR

Clinic : Innovation Therapy
Location : Ballarat VIC 3350
Phone : 0438 661 006
Website : www.innovationtherapy.com.au

Neurological Integration System (NIS), developed by Neurolink®, is based on the principle that the brain governs optimum function of all the body’s systems through its neurological circuit.

When there is a breakdown in the neurological circuit, symptoms (i.e. back pain) begin to show. NIS aims to get the brain to recognise these neurological circuits that are not functioning to improve your wellbeing. NIS is performed using simple muscle tests to determine and then intervention is implemented using gentle soft touch.

The EMMETT technique involves light pressure to neuromuscular activation points in sequences that allow for a reduction in pain and discomfort.

Modalities : Neurological Integration System, EMMETT Technique, Bowen Therapy
Focus Areas : Chronic Pain, Sporting Injuries, Paediatrics, Chronic Health Issues, Learning Difficulties, General Wellbeing


Clinic : Helen Cheney – Dancing Connections
Location : Ballarat VIC 3350
Phone : 0432 038 016
Website : www.helencheney.com

I am passionate about getting people moving to music, for physical health and mindful wellbeing. Through a number of different movement to music modalities I offer a space for you to discover the joy of creative expression through dance.

My focus is to enable you to connect to music, your body and other people through a mixture of group dance and partner dance classes.

Modalities : Dance, Mindfulness, Fitness
Focus Areas : Dance, Body Awareness, Human Connection, Conscious Dance, Zumba, Group Fitness, Older Adults, Populations with special needs.

Matilda CHEW

Clinic : Matilda Chew Clinical Psychologist
Location : Shed 1, 2B Holmes Street, Ballarat Central 3350
Phone : 0404 303 814
Website : www.indigospace.com.au

I am a Clinical Psychologist who is also a Reiki practitioner. I believe strongly in holistic healing, and this is what all clients can expect from sessions. I provide psychotherapy and counselling for all mental health difficulties, specialising in providing these services for individuals 18 years old and above. I also provide after-hours appointments as required. At present, I am accepting new clients under a Mental Health Care Plan (non bulk-billing)/privately.

Opening hours are Tuesdays from 10am – 8pm.

Modalities : EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Schema Therapy, Mindfulness
Focus Areas : End of Life issues, Grief & Loss Counselling, LGBTQI issues, Trauma (including Complex Trauma), Depression, Anxiety Disorders, New Migrant issues, Women’s Mental Health, Perinatal/ Postnatal Mental Health, Psycho-spirituality, Post-suicide, Families Affected by Suicide, Eating Disorders.

Eleanor (Elly) COLLINSElly_Collins_logo

Clinic : Eleanor Collins – Acupuncturist
Location : 11 East Street North, Bakery Hill, 3350
Phone : 0467 253 463
Website :

Hi my names Elly Collins. I graduated a four year health science degree in 2012. Acupuncture is a method of treatment for adjusting your body’s own functioning and can have profound and ongoing effects. Quite simply, your body has an exceptional ability to heal itself and with certain messages, sent by the knowledgeable placement of fine sterile acupuncture needles, wonderful things do happen. It is a safe and effective way to manage and treat many diseases or relieve undesirable symptoms, and is famously great for resolving pain. Please feel free to ring and find out if Acupuncture is a method of medicine that could help you.

Modalities : Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping
Focus Areas : Woman’s Health, IVF Support, Pregnancy & Birth Support, Autoimmune Disease, Psycho-emotional Disorders, Disorders of the Endocrine & Nervous System

Dr Christopher CORCOS

Clinic : Menssana Mindbody Medicine
Location : 216 Humffray Street North, Ballarat East 3350
Phone : (03) 5332 1355
Website : Your Health in Mind listing

  • You must have a GP’s referral to see me.
  • You must be between 17 and 70 years of age.
  • I do not do reports for Centrelink, NDIS, Workcover, TAC, early access to super, Colleges or universities, insurers, lawyers, courts or any medico-legal purpose whatsoever.
  • I do not assess for, or treat “Adult ADD”.
  • I do not prescribe benzodiazepines (Xanax, Kalma, Valium etc) or psycho-stimulant medications.

Modalities : General Adult Psychiatry
Focus Areas : Integrative Psychiatry

Beck COSGRIFFBeck_Cosgriff_Ballarat_Hypnotherapist

Clinic : Ballarat Hypnotherapy
Location : 706 Sturt St, Ballarat 3350
Phone : (03) 5364 2936
Website : www.ballarathypnotherapy.com.au

Hi, I’m Beck Cosgriff and my aim is to help clients make positive changes in their lives. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Clinical Resource Therapist. I tailor sessions and programmes to each individual client. The more personalised details I can weave into the therapy, the better the outcomes. I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. Please contact me and/or visit my website for more information.

Modalities : Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy
Focus Areas : Shiela Granger’s Virtual Gastric Banding Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Menopausal Symptoms, Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Stop Smoking, IBS, Exams/Study, Children’s Issues


Clinic : Soulcraft
Location : 1316 Gregory Street, Lake Wendouree 3350
Phone : 0412 162 053
Website : www.dianacoverdale.com.au

As a seeker, quester and wayfinder, I constantly wonder and ask ‘why?’ about our lives, meaning and purpose. My questions have led me to extraordinary experiences, deep personal healings and profound awakenings. In fact, one insight I’ve realised is that it’s up to you to give meaning to your life – rather than expect your life to give meaning to you.

As a passionate advocate for personal and professional development with 30+ years of experience I’ll encourage and inspire you to find ways to bring who you are to what you do. To enrich every aspect of your life with the joy and beauty of your true nature. I will hold a space for you to create a way and a journey that best allows your unfolding with grace, dignity, power and beauty.

Modalities : Personal Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Emotional Intelligence
Focus Areas : Personal Coaching, Professional Supervision, Mindfulness & Meditation, Soulcraft Seminars, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Somatic Psychotherapy, Spiritual Practice