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Janette DALGLIESHJanette_Dalgliesh_Ballarat_Life_Coach

Clinic : Identity Shift Ninja
Location : Ballarat
Phone : 0404 595 601
Website : www.identityshift.ninja

It’s the deeply grounded sense of belonging, of rightness, of freedom and passion and faith which comes when you live an authentic life, when you express your true Self. It makes you shine so bright, the Universe can truly see you. It fuels your contribution to the world, your passions, your relationships, your inspiration and your physical wellbeing. It comes from knowing who you are, connecting with your inner guidance, and being the sovereign authority in your own life.
My mission is to help you get there.

Modalities : Life Coaching, Astrology, Neuroscience
Focus Areas : Law of Attraction Coaching, Neuroplasticity Coaching, Astrology, Numerology, Core Values


Clinic : PAEDS
Location : Ballarat Family Health Care, 1020 Howitt St, Wendouree 3355
Phone : 0437 251 091
Website : www.paeds.education

We provide Infant and Child First Aid courses to empower parents when dealing with an accident or emergency. Our courses cover CPR, choking, rashes, burns, poisons and stings, fevers, and more. All courses conducted by Paediatric Critical Care Nurses with a wealth of experience in education and clinical care, as well as resuscitation training.

Modalities : Infant and Child First Aid
Focus Areas : Paediatrics, Nursing, First Aid, Parent Education