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Ellen JACKSONellen_jackson_psychologist_ballarat

Practice: Potential Psychology
Location: Ballarat
Website: www.potential.com.au

It’s my passion to help women create change in their lives. Whether you have a new career direction to pursue, a challenging decision to make or an amazing opportunity to explore, supporting you in your personal transition is what I do best.

As a professional psychologist and coach, I’m trained and licensed to provide you with solution-focused, evidence-based life coaching using the principles of Positive Psychology. Our one-on-one or course-based coaching sessions will build on your personal strengths to increase your wellbeing and happiness. In essence, I will help you step toward fulfilling your potential.

Modalities: Positive Psychology, Life Coaching
Focus Areas: Women’s Wellbeing, Career Coaching, Psychometric Testing, Workplace Training

Gwenyth JAMESGwenyth_James_Ballarat_acupunturist

Clinic : Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture
Location : 706 Sturt Street, Ballarat, 3350
Phone : 0487 152 507
Website : www.phoenixacupuncturecentre.com

Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture uses thoroughly researched techniques to ensure they are not only effective but totally safe. We offer a full range of Chinese medicine practices including: modern and traditional acupuncture, laser acupuncture, ear acupuncture, cupping and moxa. A treatment may also include trigger point release, acupressure, stretching or even a guided meditation.

We have a holistic approach to treatment and may provide advice on nutrition, exercise, posture, stress relief and relaxation or general life style changes.

Modalities : Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Wellness
Focus Areas : Traditional and Modern Acupuncture, General Chinese Medicine, Pain Management, Stress Relief, Headaches, Sinusitis, Menstrual and Menopausal Issues, Anxiety, Digestive Problems, Support for IVF

Simone JAMES

Clinic : Flourish Nutrition & Health
Location : By appointment
Phone : 0448 185 080
Website : www.flourishnutritionandhealth.com.au

A Ballarat nutritionist specialising in gut health, digestive issues, weight loss and all things nutrition, Simone offers one-to-one support. Discover how anxiety, fatigue and hormonal issues play a huge role in preventing you from achieving your health and weight loss goals.

Simone’s knowledge, support, guidance, recipes and friendly professional approach will enable you to become the better you. We work together to determine what works for your body, your mind and wellbeing, in order for you to be your best and Flourish!

Modalities : Clinical Nutritionist, Women’s Health & Weight Management
Focus Areas : Nutrition, Gut Health, Hormones, Non-diet Lifestyle Approach, Meal Plans, Support & Guidance, Women’s Health & Wellbeing, Digestive Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Negative body image, Binge & Yo-Yo Dieting, Chef-designed Recipes