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Clinic : ELB Reiki – Energy Life Balance
Location : 97 Hertford St, Sebastopol 3356
Phone : 0419 536 288
Website : ELB Reiki website

At ELB Reiki we provide a number of different methods to help balance your body, mind and soul. Reiki sessions are a wonderful way to help balance your energy, promote healing and reduce stress.

Weekly meditation and Qi Gong sessions are held at our beautiful studio. Reiki workshops are held throughout the year and is a beautiful, simple technique to learn that promotes wellness and enhances the quality of life. Faith healer, John of God, has given ELB permission to be the guardians of the Crystal Light Bed; healing sessions are now available. We also run a wellness studio called Elements Health & Fitness.

Modalities : Reiki, Meditation, Qi Gong
Focus Areas : Reiki, Reiki Workshops, Meditation Classes, Qi Gong Classes, Holistic Life Coaching

Jason RUSSELLjason_russell_personal_trainer_ballarat.jpg

Clinic : ICAN with Abundant Vitality
Location : 1174 Geelong Road, Mt Clear 3350
Phone : 0437 712 610
Website : RusFIT Fitness Ballarat VIP Community on Facebook

Jason understands the importance of looking after your mindset, nutrition as well as exercising your physical body to ensure you reach your goals. He also understands that you have a lifestyle to balance, so looking after your health is pivotal to this. That’s why he recommends and follows a program, which allows him to train the most effective way possible to ensure the greatest results in the shortest time.   

Jason’s vision is to transform 500 people’s lives, to help them love the way they look and feel about themselves, in the next 5 years.

Modalities : Focused Intense Resistance Exercise, Intense Cardio Exercise
Focus Areas : Helping people overcome adversities and love their bodies, helping people who’ve been bullied become physically and mentally stronger, helping people with low self-confidence gain strength.