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Ryan WAIGHTryan_waight_performance_coach_ballarat

Clinic : Ryan Waight Performance
Location : 1115 Gregory Street, Wendouree 3355
Phone : 0438 873 788
Website : www.ryanwaightperformance.com

Ryan is an engaging leadership coach and speaker who creates positive change within organisations, teams and individuals. He delivers programs, presentations and coaching in the business, sport and education sectors with the mission to bridge the gap between potential and performance, by creating positive change with the teams and individuals he works with. His ability to build rapport yet positively challenge people simultaneously is a hallmark of his coaching style and success.

Ryan is the author of Leadership Within: 20 Ways to Unlock the Leader in You & the host of The Mindset Project podcast.

Modalities : Leadership Business Performance
Focus Areas : Leadership Business Performance

Dr Melissa WISBEY

Clinic : Melissa Wisbey Osteopath
Location : 321A Raglan St S, Ballarat Central, Vic, 3350
Phone : (03) 4312 8303
Website : www.melissawisbey.com

Osteopathy is a hands-on approach to healthcare that recognises the relationship between the structures of the body and the way it functions. Osteopathic treatment may assist with a range of conditions from acute pain and injury to chronic issues that affect your ability to walk and move with ease.

Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy is an extremely gentle approach, treating your body as a whole, aiming to restore its natural state of alignment, ease and health. Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy is suitable for all conditions that normally present to osteopaths and appropriate for all ages.

Modalities : Osteopath, Biodynamic Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath
Focus Areas : Biodynamic Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Headaches/Migraines & Neurological Conditions, Neck/Back Pain, Sciatica/Disc Injuries, Post-concussive Syndrome


Clinic : National Hair Tech Solutions Trichology Centre
Location : Dawson House, 15 Dawson Street South, Ballarat 3350
Phone : 0438 432 390
Website : www.nationalhairtech.com.au

Victoria’s leading hair loss and scalp specialist, Megan Wright IAT, assesses, advises and creates holistic treatment plans to suit each individual patient so they can better manage and/or recover from their hair loss/scalp condition.

Realistic advice and honest results. Certified Practicing Trichologist through the International Association of Trichologists.

Modalities :  Hair Loss & Scalp Specialist, Trichology
Focus Areas : Hair Loss & Scalp Assessment, Holistic Treatment, Vitamin & Dietary Supplements, and Organic Hair Care Management


Clinic : Resonant Harmony
Location : 114 Moss Ave, Mount Helen 3350
Phone : 0487 073 434
Website : www.resonantharmony.com.au

Our Sound Therapy sessions are a unique combination of Digital Sound Design, Biofeedback, Sonic Entrainment and musical elements, incorporating sacred rhythms, tones and practices.

Our unique system of tonal and rhythmic audio design, combined with state of the art equipment, moves the participants along the sonic currents into altered states of consciousness, relaxation, calmness and well-being.

Modalities : Sound Therapy, Meditation, Brainwave Entrainment
Focus Areas : Sound Therapy, Meditation, Brainwave Entrainment, Sound Bath, Music for Relaxation & Well-being